Terms & Conditions

  1. M/S. BlosmERY Fabrics Pvt.Ltd., Bhiwandi, runs its business throughout India.
  2. Applicant must be an Indian nationality.
  3. Applicant must be of the age of 18 years on the date of application
  4. The applicant has to Purchase product of Rs.1500/- (including GST) at the time of submitting this application form towards price of products purchased hence after product delivery there will be no liability on company.
  5. The amount paid to company for the purchase of product is non-refundable and nontransferable.
  6. Customer account is non-transferable.
  7. Upline Distributor is responsible for explaining all the terms and conditions and the company policy against the purchase of the products to every customer. The responsibility of decision to purchase the product is solely of the Customer itself. In no way, Company or Company's Sales Team should be liable for your decision.
  8. The applicant, after approval, shall be treated and referred as the distributor of the company to carry out business conferred by the company from time to time. This application form shall be considered and treated as an authentic and legally binding document.
  9. Any distributor shall not be treated as employee of the company for the purpose of labour laws and shall not entitled to claim ESI, Provident Funds, Gratuity or any other benefits, workmen's compensations and such other allied labour laws.
  10. The business of company is purely based on commission basis calculated on the article sold to the distributors and consumers. The company is solely authorized to issue official receipt with seal against the payments. The company shall not be liable to any claim, cost, damage, lose etc. Due to misrepresentation of distributors about the quality, performance, ability of company's products and services.
  11. 5% TDS and 5%-10% Admin charges will be deducted from all pay-out/commission.
  12. TDS deductions will be done as per Govt. Rules.
  13. We offering Gifts to our distributors as a Lucky Draws.
  14. All distributor should adhere to the rules and regulation formed by the company. Breach of the same shall be resulted to terminate the distributorship immediately. The company reserves the right to decrease or omit purchasing discounts, commissions etc. At its sole discretions without giving any specific reasons.
  15. In no way any of the distributor should act or behave with which Company's Reputation will get affected negatively. Company reserves all the rights to terminate members account/registration without the consent of the member on the basis of member's misbehaviour towards the company or company’s policy.
  16. The company shall not be held responsible to any promise, assurance and undertaking by the distributors in its own capacity to any person or consumer regarding the product and services of the company unless it in accordance with the approved business, plans and terms of the company.
  17. BlosmERY Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. is not a Ponzi Scheme / Pyramid scheme / Chit Fund / Investment Company.
  18. BlosmERY Fabrics Pvt. Ltd. is a Direct Selling entity. By buying a product from us, you are only buying product for your self-usage and there is no investment or expectation of any kind of returns from your purchase
  19. To become a direct seller, you do not require to pay any entry / registration / enrolment / membership fee, cost of sales demonstration materials or any other fees.
  20. Just by purchasing a product from us does not entitle you for any income. To receive income from this business opportunity, firstly you need to become a direct seller of the company by complying with necessary regulations. Your income will solely depend on the sales that you and your team generate. You need to put in the time and effort to see results
  21. In case of death or loss of capacity of distributorship the nominee. Nominated by this application shall be treated as the distributor in this place and it shall be presumed to abide all the terms and conditions mentioned here in. All disputes are subjects to the exclusive jurisdiction of Bhiwandi Courts only.

I have read and understand all above content, terms and conditions and agreed to abide the same. I further affirm that terms and condition imposed by the company here in after shall be binding on me and I shall abide the same without any excuse.